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Canada: Organizer of ”Killing Europe” documentary screening takes library to court for cancelling event…….


Time to fight back…


Canada: Ottawa library faces court challenge for cancelling film depicting the Islamization of Europe


Madeline Weld, the organizer of a screening of the so-called “controversial” film Killing Europe “at the Ottawa Public Library… has applied for a judicial review of the library’s decision to cancel the showing.” Weld runs the Ottawa Chapter of Act for Canada and is also co-founder of the organization Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).


Killing Europe is a documentary that warns about the dangers of the Islamization of Europe. Its producer was scheduled to give a talk following the screening. See the trailer here.


Unfortunately, the Ottawa Public Library succumbed to the demands of some members of the public who had a predetermined judgement about the film. Those opposing viewed it as:


thinly veiled hate speech and a violation of Ontario’s Human Rights Code and the library’s policy to turn down events that are likely to promote discrimination.


More here @ Jihad Watch

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