Muslims form 2nd largest group after Russia in obtaining dual citizenship in Finland for 2017……..


Record number of foreign residents get Finnish citizenship in 2017

Finnish passports are issued six times more often than in the 90s, and almost all new holders are dual citizens.


Passi naisen kädessä.
More brand new Finnish passports were given last year than every before. Image: Tuomas Hirvonen / Yle


A record number of non-Finnish applicants were granted passports in 2017, according to Statistics Finland.

A total of 12,219 foreign nationals living permanently in Finland received their passports last year, an increase of 2,844 (30 percent) over 2016, when the previous record was set.


Russians accounted for the largest number of new Finnish passport holders at 2,758. Other commonly-represented countries included Somalia, Iraq and Estonia.


The number of new citizens has been rising each year for the past two decades. Compared to the 1990s when only 2,000 people gained citizenship, the figure is now around six times higher and rising.


More than 100K dual citizens


Almost all people who apply for Finnish citizenship also want to retain their previous nationality. Last year 98 percent of new passport recipients held dual citizenship.


At the end of 2017 there were 117,024 dual passport holders  living in Finland.


There are currently 21,099 Finnish-born people with dual citizenship. In comparison, the majority of double passport holders – 95,925 of them – are people who have immigrated to Finland from abroad.


Dual citizens hail mostly from Russia (30,088), Sweden (7,759), Somalia (5,590), Estonia (5,291) and Iraq (4,152).

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