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Finnish Journalist Union and Helsingin Sanomat paper lobby for sharia in Finland…….


The Finnish Journalist Union hold a paneled (echo chamber) event for Islam apologists to spew their nonsense about sharia law, that it’s compatible with Western democracy and rule of law.


Anyone with a computer can easily find out just how a country fares with sharia law as the de facto jurisprudence of the land. There is no such thing as ”just a little bit of sharia”, once its introduced and allowed to thrive, the conditions for the people forced to live under it significantly worsen. These people are naive dhimmified fools.


Journalist Union and Helsingin Sanomat lobby for sharia law in the West – a full-fledged rejection by the Finns party: “Just sick and absurd”

– The idea of ​​bringing Shari’a law as a source of justice alongside western jurisprudence is absolutely impossible. In Finland, the Parliament regulates law. The law can’t be dispensed from a mosque, says Leena Meri, chairman of the Finns Parliamentary Party.


The Finnish Journalist Union lobbied for sharia law. On June 6, the Finnish Journalist Union organized a discussion session in Helsinki, “Who is afraid of sharia law?”. The Union also cites on its website on how Laura Huhtasaari, presidential candidate for the Finns party, took an anti-sharia law postition as part of her electoral campaign last winter.


– But what is sharia really and is it possible to live with it? Who wants sharia and whether Muslims agree with the meaning or necessity of sharia? Is on the union’s website.


Asifa Quraishi-Landesia , a professor of law in the University of Wisconson and an expert on Islamic law, was heard at the session. She teaches US constitutional and Islamic law from a comparative point of view.


There was also Rob Gleave, professor of arabic research at the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) and director of the University’s Islamic Research Center. His specialty is Islamic Rights and Violence (!) And Shari’a Legal and Political Theory.


Ruin, death sentences, cut off the body parts


Sharia (or Šaria) is an Islamic faith-based legal system based on Muslim scriptures. According to the Islamic interpretation, God has actually given the sharia to the people, and therefore the sharia is immutable in its content. Sharia is respected not only within a number of Muslim communities, but more or less as a national law in a number of Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan.


Sharia law includes severe punishments, such as whipping, cutting off body parts, death penalty, and works against women’s rights in various ways. In practice, a woman has no right to do just about anything without the permission of her husband and not always with permission. In Iran women are forbidden to study certain subjects such as biology and literature.


Because of homosexuality you can lose your life. Abbas Bahmanpour, an imam at Helsinki’s Mellunmäki mosque, who recently told YLE Broadcasting what is the punishment for a homosexual act under Sharia law.


“It’s a death sentence,” Bahmanpour said openly.


The professor defends a law against women


During her visit to Finland, Quraishi-Landes also gave an interview to the Helsingin Sanomat, where she posited how to give more space and support to sharia law in the West. In her view, national legislation and the shari’a could well be comparatively applied. The professor raises, for example, Britain, where unofficial sharia courts are already solving the thousands of Muslim family disputes every year.


Quraishi-Landes, of course, admits that the sharia system abuses women, but still recommends it. In her view, clarifying family law matters, such as divorces, paternity disputes and certain business agreements between Muslims, could well be done under the guidance of Sharia scholars.


Islam professor argues her view on the fact that Muslims or Sharia are not disappearing from the West.


– Now Western countries have to decide whether they will take the necessary changes with compulsion or with joy. Some new ways could also be welcomed, says Quraishi-Landes in Helsingin Sanomat.


Sharia is not a valid source of justice


The statements by the Islam professor are confusing. Sharia law, at least not in Finland nor in Europe belongs as a legal source. There have been some sort of sharia experiments in Britain and Germany, but it is questionable whether sharia can be the source of law in these states as well.


However, Helsingin Sanomat does not mention these essential facts, and Quraishi-Landes is not presented with any question on the subject. Also in the Journalist Union’s, organized Islamic Debate, there is probably an ambiguity as to whether legal solutions can be made in Finland under sharia or not.


According to the famous theory of Professor Aulis Aarnio , the sources of the law can be strongly divided into mandatory, weakly binding and permissible. Strongly binding are law and country habit. The case must be resolved strongly on the basis of binding legal sources, if the outcome can be derived from them. Support may be sought from legally binding legal sources, such as legal drafts and preliminary rulings by the Supreme Court, but they are not required to apply.


The Sharia law is not mentioned in Aarnio’s legal theory. Nor does the Constitution of Finland, which stipulates that lawmaking belongs to the democratically elected Parliament. Therefore, the views of the Islamic professor are mainly childish.


Member of Parliament Meri: Focus on matters of their own country


The chairman of the Finns Parliamentary Group, Master of Law, and magistrate, Leena Meri, shoots down the Sharia lobbying by the Journalist Union and the Helsingin Sanomat.


– Just sick and absurd. The idea of ​​introducing sharia as a source of law alongside western legal systems is absolutely impossible, so I do not understand why this should even be discussed. In Finland, lawmaking is solely the task of Parliament. The law can not be dispensed from a mosque, Meri says.


She sends greetings to her American lawyer colleague, Quraishi-Landes.


– The professor should focus on things in her own country. Finland respects the law of Finland. It is quite clear that the rules of each small reference group can not be brought to the level of law. Yes, EU law applies in Finland, but it is not possible to bring any other overlapping legal systems.


Meri says that Muslims can not be in a special position before the law.


– Finnish law applies to all of Finland. There are other minorities in Finland, for example, Russians and Estonians, but it can not be assumed that Russian law will be applied to them, for example, says Meri.


Ex-Editor-in-Chief Tossavainen: Agendajournalism


The ex-parliamentarian and former editor-in-chief of the Finns paper Reijo Tossavainen is astonished at the activities of the Journalist Union. The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat position, Tossavainen calls ‘agendajournalism’.


– There must be a warning on the danger of tobacco on the side of the cigarette cases. Yesterday I became aware that HS-Pravda and other traditional newspapers and YLE programs should be cautioned: Agenda journalism damages your reality, Tossavainen says.




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  1. Stop, for god’s sake stop, importing trouble—and Muslim immigrants, as a whole, necessarily mean trouble, in all lands where the political and legal institutions, and social arrangements, are flatly contradicted by the Shari’a. Muslims are obligated to change or tear down those institutions, in order to remove all “obstacles to Islam.” It is not special or individual malice that prompts that attitude. That is their duty, a central duty. Why not come to fully and soberly understand that duty, and out of a minimal sense of self-preservation, cease to import those into our lands (America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and every other place that has so generously admitted, under a twisted definition of “refugees,” people who do not, and can not, wish our ways or institutions or constitutions well.
    Hugh Fitzgerald

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