Fighting Back

Wheelchair bound man stands up to Hezbollah’s terrorist rally in London……..


We do not lack for heroes in this day and age…



A truly extraordinary act of courage.
The scene is Al Quds Day, the usual pro-terror rally in London. And one man and one woman took a stand. Here’s the whole story.
The flag of Hezbollah has again been openly marched through the streets of London this afternoon – but only after prominent lawyer Mark Lewis delayed the event by blocking the road in his wheelchair.
More than 1,000 people rallied beneath the gun-emblazoned flag of the Lebanese terrorist group outside the Saudi Embassy, hearing speakers including Rev Stephen Sizer, who once shared a social media post pointing the finger at Israel for 9/11…
But by that time they hadn’t even yet set off, the one-man stand by Lewis, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, contributing to the delay.
Lewis told Jewish News: “It wasn’t just me. My other half Mandy Blumenthal stayed with me. I knew that I couldn’t stand up and be counted but I could sit down.”
“These people were supporting terrorists. We had to object and not give them a free pass. These are our streets. The Government were allowing them a free rein, we had to stop them. I thought I’d challenge the Police to see if they had a legal basis to stop me exercising my freedom to protest. They said they had an order blocking the street. I asked to see it. They looked flummoxed.” …
The call for action was echoed by ZF chair Paul Charney, while director Arieh Miller, pointing across the road, stressed “that is not a victimless flag”.
Names of victims of Hezbollah terror in Israel and elsewhere were held aloft on placards.

This puts in mind of Benjamin Kerstein’s widely circulated essay in the Algemeiner.


More here.

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