Finland: Not all ‘cultural misappropriation’ is deemed offensive by the Left (when they do it)…….


Most Musicians, dancers adhere to Leftist orthodoxy…


Just pointing out the Left’s hypocrisy that we know all to well.


Watch: Samba rhythms take over Helsinki’s streets

Each June, Finland’s samba schools compete in a glittery, noisy procession through central Helsinki. Yle live-streamed the event from Senate Square.

About a thousand samba dancers and musicians were expected in downtown Helsinki on Saturday afternoon for the annual Helsinki Samba Carnaval, which is the Finnish championship event in the genre. The event attracts tens of thousands of spectators each year. They are promised a spectacle of writhing dancers, over-the-top costumes and relentless drum rhythms.


The programme kicked off at the Senate Square at 2 pm, with the procession beginning an hour later. Yle’s live broadcast began at 2:45 pm.


This year’s event took place under partly cloudy skies with a high of around 18 degrees Celsius.



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