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Finnish National Board of Education adheres to sharia law, Muslim students can refrain from drawing people…….


First and foremost, the representative of the NBE admits that he’s ignorant of Islam, but allows a small minority to mandate what goes on in Finnish schools…


This is how sharia supremacists take control, through intimidation and ignorance of the non-Muslim who just wants to be fair with everyone. In the end, the useful stooge sells his own society out, it’s been seen time and again.


Can an Islamic child draw people at school? – The National Board of Education also took a stand in social media debate

Iranian-Finn Alan Salehzadeh wonders about the National Board of Education’s position and says they resemble Islamic Sharia law.


Jaana Mattila

An intense discussion on social media has emerged about Islamic children drawing in Finnish schools.


Alan Salehzadeh , who has been a teacher in Iran and a researcher of geopolitical conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, said on Twitter and on his blog at Iltalehti, his visit with a friend of his with Iranian children on a visit to school.


The school principal had asked a friend if his children could draw.


– What kind of question is this, I wondered. He replied that some Muslims did not allow their children to draw in schools, Salehzadeh says with dismay to Lännen Media.


– Even in Islamic countries, drawing is allowed. There is a small, small group of extremists who do not allow images, photography or drawing, he smirked.


The National Board of Education issued a reply on Twitter that in Islam drawing people are things that should not be done. According to the National Board of Education, the school respects every one’s religion.


– Why does the Finnish National Board of Education adhere to Islamic Sharia law? This is the spread of radicalism in Finnish schools. It is not good. I have not seen such laws in Iran, “says Salehzadeh.


According to him, the Qur’an does not forbid the drawing of people. Islamic people have drawing lessons at school like Finns.


According to Salehzadeh, children are children, not Muslims, Christians, or representatives of other religions.


Counselor Mikko Hartikainen of the Finnish National Board of Education notes that he does not know much about Islamic religion and its various trends.


– The perception that I have is such that there are different approaches to visual culture. I find it probable that the Islamic tendencies are very strongly opposed to drawing people and those who are open to it.


According to him, the teaching of visual arts can be tailored in Finland according to the religion of the student. There is no getting out of visual arts, but the pupil can draw something that his / her religion permits.


Hartikainen does not believe that it would be very common in Finnish schools. At least there has not been any inquiries on the drawing of people  from Islamic pupils.


– Maybe in visual art education, some kind of support is needed to deal with cultural diversity, but so far it has not emerged as a problem.



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