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Finland: Kook ‘researcher’ lays stinking pile in Finnish state broadcaster YLE panel discussion: ”Islam has always adapted to the culture it has come to”…….


The purveyors of this tripe are the worst of charlatans…


The morons. In reality it’s:

“Imperial/colonial Islam has always subverted societies it has migrated to, eventually subjugating the host culture and supplanting it with its own”.


YLE is a spigot for the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda, contributing greatly to their societal jihad aims. Sergejeff was one of the propagandists on a FB group I was a member of concerning ME issues, pure BS artist, a useful stooge for these Islamo-supremacists. I was eventually banned from the group for supporting an opposing view on Islam.


Islam has always adapted to the culture it has come to


The book Aikamme monta islamia (In our time there’s been many different understandings of Islam), is to tell us how diverse the Islamic world is behind the headlines. Islam expert Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila interviewed Joonas Maristoa and Andrei Sergejeff at the Helsinki Book Fair.


In the Book by Sergejeff and Maristo, there is a brochure about Islamic communities, including in Finland, India, China and Ghana. They wanted to describe the side of Islam that usually remains in the shadow of the headlines. Headline-Islam, is what the writers refer as the fundamentalist image of Islam, that the media brings about Islam.


Writers sought to treat modern Islam as a phenomenon as luxurious as possible. Subjects older than 1900 are not covered in the book.


-When we go far enough into the past, the pattern becomes more complex and sprawling, “says Sergejeff.


In our time, Islam is alive and continually transformed. Sergejeff and Maristo are highlighting the integration debate that is now under discussion. In their opinion, Islam is not a problem.


-Islam has always adapted to the culture to which it has come, the Maristo recalls.




H/T: Sami Kuisma

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