Netherlands: Study finds nearly half of Syrian refugees have mental issues…….


Compounded by their being steeped in destructive and deadly Islamic ideology…


Over 40% of Syrian Refugees Have Mental Health Problems


More than 40% of Syrian refugees in the Netherlands have psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.  This was found in a study by the social and cultural planning office, SCP.


Despite these problems they make little use of mental health services.   The SCP interviewed 44,000 refugees who were given refugee status in the Netherlands between January 2014 and July 2016.


The SCP says that 13% of the general population in the Netherlands have mental health issues.  Yet, Syrian refugees make much less use of mental health services than the general population.


FM: BNFTN via nltimes

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  1. About 40 % of dutch people have mental issues too…….

  2. Congratulations to your finally figuring out the obvious at long last. It sure is tough to observe many years of broken bodies and destroyed lives of your own people to comprehend the scope of horror your superiors are welcoming to inflict upon you. Good luck. You are going to need a lot of it!

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