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Israeli undercover documentary: Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and in Germany, cranking out false passports for 101’ers on the hijra…….


Thanks be to Vlad for getting this translated/subtitles and on Bitchute: 


This is part of the Israeli series we have been running now and again about the Brotherhood’s subversive operations across the Western world to bring down democracy, and replace rule of law with sharia.
To be honest, an essay about the unstated implications of this documentary should be written here and now. And when time permits, which may be never at the rate at which events happen which require chronicling, I will try and write one. But I encourage people to think about what they see here and write down their thoughts in the comments.
One thing that does stick in my craw is how real fake passports can be obtained which pass any computer check in the world.
This means that Turkey or Germany or both are actually knowingly creating false documents for money for whatever religious muslim who wants to make Hijra, and putting the necessary codes in the international data bases which confirm a passport is legit.
There are lots of other features that deserve analysis and exposure from this. Like the German civil servant who actually tells an illegal how to sneak in the rest of his family and bypass even the lax regulations that prevent him from just moving his whole tribe in to Germany right then and there with full government support.
Take your blood pressure meds before watching.


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  1. The most terrifying fact about this video is not the suicidal corruption of the EU refugee process in the service of Islamic Jihadism that it depicts. It is the fact that openly documenting the extent of this corruption will change nothing. The EU governments are determined to replace Europeans with Muslims at any cost, by any means. The great unanswered question is, ‘Why?’

    1. Being hardened ideologues, they actually believe that they can control the mess that they create. More bad policies will be ‘rectified’ by more of their bad policies. It’s an endless cycle by the statists who inhabit the neo-aristocracy…

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