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Finnish school modifies traditional Christian verse used to close school year to placate parents of Muslim students…….




The IltaLehti article mentions in an oblique way why they’re doing it.  It’s dhimmitude wrapped up in over sensitivity to an intolerant group of people who adhere to an ideology (Islam 101) that keeps them from being totally unable to assimilate.


The Suvi Versi (Summer verse) is a traditional Christian verse sung at the end of the school year for the beginning of summer vacation, at graduation ceremonies. It has become a hot potato item, especially in southern Finland where most Muslim communities are located. Placating this group by censoring hundreds of years of Finnish traditions appear to be the new norm.


This is how society changes in the face of Islam. Islamization happens only when the host state is totally dismissive of its own culture and values. These geniuses need to ask themselves why only now,  both the Jewish and Tartar communities which have been in Finland for over a hundred years never needed such pampered attention.


Prinipal Jussi Rekilä

-Today the spring verse was sung in a way that was the first verse traditionally sung, the second verse without religion, and the third version in Helsinki slang. It has been celebrated as a common decision by the school community that there is no need to differentiate between people. It is taken as content that it would increase understanding and tolerance, “Rekilä says.


Espoo School modifies lyrics of Summer verse from all references to Christianity – Even, “would not the people of the world also thank you…

Espoon Viherlaakso’s upper secondary school rewrote the Summer Verse Suvi again, and regretted in social media any hurt feelings


The IltaLehti was contacted by an anonymous woman who came across her friend on her Facebook wall talking about the School Spring Festival program.


The attention attaches to the words of the SuviVirsi, which is sung at the end of the program. The lyrics have been removed from the hymn about God and Religion, but the name is SuviVirsi. (Virsi is hymm in Finnish)


For example, the first verse * “Now the blessing of the willing” * is in the format * “For all the power of the willing “. *


In the second verse, the trees draped in a leafy curtain resemblesthe * “possibility of ” *, not the “Goodness of God”, as in the original hymn.



Anti-Islam critic, Laura Huhtasaari:

“Islam is coming, are you ready?”


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