Finnish Greens party publishes new platform: Voting rights for 15 y/olds, refugee quota multiplied…….


These people are lunatics…


Why not 12 y/o or even 10?


On Twitter, Jyrki Könönen nails it: “Rahaa tulee pankkiautomaatista, sähköä saa töpselistä…”  / “Money comes from an ATM, electricity from a plug..:”


The electorate already lacks understanding and knowledge about destructive government statism, adding 15 y/olds to the ranks will only compound the collective stupidity. All I can say is that this proves that the left needs uneducated minds to stay relevant as a political force. Deny them that.


Voting rights for 15-year-olds, farm subsidies new, refugee quota increase – Greens published their political agenda


POLICY Opposition Party Greens released on Sunday its draft political agenda, to be adopted by the party summit in June.


The reform program concerns the next parliamentary term and its preparation is led by MP Olli-Poika Parviainen. He presented the draft program to the Greens / EFA on the weekend.


The main themes of the program are education and the fight against climate change. The new Finland picked out 12 drafts from the draft.



— The party submits the right to vote and to be eligible for eligibility for eligibility for 15 years. Similarly, 15-year-olds should be entitled to make civic and municipal initiatives.




— The Party proposes to multiply the refugee quota and to create better legal access routes. The party would facilitate family reunification and adopt a so-called ” a humanitarian visa. Correction: Unlike what was said earlier in this story, a humanitarian visa is not the same as the humanitarian protection that was previously used.

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