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Immigrant-background women experience violence 2-3 times more than women from other groups in society……..


Cause and effect…


Greater risk for immigrant-background, disabled women

Immigrant-background and disabled women experience violence two to three times more than women from other groups in society.


According to the ministry, one of the risks facing some immigrant-background girls is Female Genital Mutilation.


Between 2010 and 2011, immigrants were two-and-a-half times more likely than Finns to be victims of assault offences. Migrants from the Middle East and Africa faced the highest risk of assault, while those with the lowest risk of being attacked came from East Asia, North America, Oceania and Southeast Asia.


The ministry concluded that there is a gender divide in terms of the factors that contribute to insecurity. Other variables such as age, location, income level, family background and education also seem to have a great impact on security.


The report also revealed that very little is known about the relative security of different groups in society.


The study relied on information and interviews gathered from organisations working in the security field. The Interior Ministry commissioned the report from auditing firm KPMG and consultancy agency World of Management.


It is part of the 100 Acts for Gender Equality project helmed by the National Council for Women in Finland and the Council for Gender Equality.



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