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Katie Hopkins: I fear for Tommy Robinson — but this is about much more than one man…….




This is about the collapse of British democracy, its culture and rule of law. What the Nazis failed to achieve, the British ruling elite managed to do all by themselves in a silent invasion / fait accompli. Traitorous is too generous of a word to describe the miscreant ruling class.


I fear for Tommy Robinson — but this is about much more than one man

It’s an odd time to be British.


We like to think of ourselves as a proud nation, revelling in the old patriotism of Churchill and the Darkest Hour, grasping the threads of past times.


But these old ideas have worn thin now, through overuse. Because the simple truth is that Britain is lost.


Britain has lost its democracy. That the will of the people is meaningless is being proved by the simple fact that Brexit will not happen. We will never leave Europe or take control of our borders or immigration. The will of the people is frustrated by the power of the elite. As a result, close to twenty million people in the UK lack representation or any incentive to ever vote again. I do not intend to. My contract with this government was torn up long ago. British politicians do not deserve our time or attention.


Britain has lost its press freedoms, obliged as we are to pay for our state broadcaster to pollute the air with propaganda. At least North Koreans gets theirs for free. The British Establishment loves to point the finger at Russia Today, smearing it as a state TV channel and failing to see the rank hypocrisy that is obvious to the rest of us who are taxed regressively at £150.50 for a service we neither require nor enjoy. The newspaper industry contemplates its own navel, lamenting the decline in its fortunes even while recycling second-hand copy plucked from Google. And TV production companies and publishers are so overwhelmed with liberal thinking that Conservative opinions are not even considered for discussion.


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