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Germany: Head of European Rabbinical Conference, Pinchas Goldschmidt, calls for expulsion of anti-Jewish asylum seekers from Germany……. 


What I’ve been demanding for some time now…


Also I’ve regularly questioned the legitimacy of anti-anti-semitism commitment of European leaders/ ruling and cultural elite while they demand more migration to EU member states of Jew hating Muslims. Their cognitive dissonance couldn’t be any more stark.


Rabbi chief: Identify hostile refugees

BERLIN. The head of the European Rabbinical Conference, Pinchas Goldschmidt, has called for the expulsion of anti-Jewish asylum seekers from Germany. “If every refugee knew that he would have to leave Germany in an anti-Semitic attack, such attacks would quickly end,” said Goldschmidt the world. But it needs the appropriate political will.


“Jews are at greater risk from Muslim anti-Semites than from right-wing extremists,” he said. It belongs “to the reality in Europe”, that Jews, who carry a Kippa, live dangerously.


In Russia, Jews live safer than in Europe


Goldschmidt, who is also Chief Rabbi of Moscow, also complained about the poor security architecture within the EU. The Schengen Agreement was “more likely to be guided by economic benefits and not the safety of citizens from the end thought”. Where this is missing, it comes to national unilateralism. In Russia, for example, Jews lived in greater security than in Europe.


From politics Goldschmidt demanded a rethink. It had to be ensured that imams were educated in the respective European country and that the financing of mosques was transparent. “In addition, care must be taken that religious texts are not manipulated and thus call for hatred.”


In addition, according to Goldschmidt, the anti-Semitism of Muslim immigrants is already being combated in day-care centers and elementary schools. “What the parents have brought home from home, may not be passed on to the next generation.” (Tb)

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