Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson has contract out on his life in prison, drugs and cell phones offered as payment……


The state knew fully well that this was what would happen…


Tommy Robinson has ‘a price on his head’ in jail with people offered drugs and mobile phones to kill him


Tommy Robinson.


The lawyer representing Robinson said the right-wing activist will be in danger of being killed or seriously assaulted by other inmates while in custody


Robinson – who pleaded guilty to the contempt of court charge – appeared before the court under his real name, Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon.


Why Tommy Robinson was jailed over Facebook rant outside Leeds Crown Court


His barrister, Matthew Harding, said Robinson now felt “deep regret” after realising the potential consequences of his actions.


He said: “I have to be realistic in relation to the submission that what he did was provocative in challenging individuals.”


Mr Harding said Robinson was aware of the reporting restriction in place in the case but thought what he was saying on camera was already in the public domain.


The barrister added: “He was mindful, having spoken to others and taken advice, not to say things that he thought would actually prejudice these proceedings.


“He did not try to cause difficulties for the court process.”

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