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Rebel Media owner Ezra Levant will pursue in court as challenge to the judge’s gag order on publicizing Tommy Robinson’s arrest and wrongful imprisonment…….


I urge my readers to not only watch the video, but to act, meaning, getting the word out and contribute to the fund that helps pay lawyer fees…


Please click here. 


URGENT: Tommy Robinson is in prison — help us challenge the judge’s gag order banning reporting on it

By: Ezra Levant

Tommy Robinson is in prison.


It’s an emergency — we need your help.


But there’s a court-ordered publication ban over the circumstances of his imprisonment.


That gag order only applies to the UK, though — and I’m writing to you from North America, where there is still some freedom of the press left.


Please read this carefully, as it has information that the British media are prohibited from publishing.


More here.

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