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#FreeTommyRobinson : Australian senator and Dutch MP call on the UK to release Tommy from jail…….


The supposed ‘vanguards of free speech’ in the UK sit idly by twiddling their thumbs while the state conducts the most draconian, Orwellian politically laced measures against a man simply doing what the #Fakemedia in the UK should be doing.


Australian senator and Dutch MP call on the UK to release T*mmy R*binson from jail

UK: Journalist arrested, sentenced within an hour to 13 months for reporting on Muslim rape gangs

T*mmy R*binson is a political prisoner in Britain, he was arrested and jailed for criticizing Islam.

T*mmy R*binson has just been sentenced to jail for 13 months. There is a UK reporting ban. No one there is allowed to talk about it.

Sending T*mmy to jail is a death sentence and the UK knows this. It was acknowledged in the court room.

T*mmy R*binson has been arrested for ‘a breach of the peace’ while live-streaming a report on a muslim grooming gang trial at Leeds Crown Court. What kind of Police state the UK become?

So what he is jailed for?

He expressed his thoughts in public.


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