Free Speech Tommy Robinson

#FreeTommy Robinson : Secret courts, fast trials, press restrictions on reporting about it, why it’s important to understand What’s happened to Tommy Robinson……


Enough is enough already, release the political prisoner Tommy Robinson that you’ve got locked up in your prison gulag for truth tellers. End tyranny in the UK!!!



A short two decades after the fall of the Communist USSR, the West has succumbed to Socialist statist tyranny. Let that sink in. We have no real media to cover this transformation because of their having been part of the process. They’re silent, submissive, dismissive or attacking truth tellers.


Attacking communism instead of socialism from where it sprang, the same jackasses condemn  the phony label of “islamism” (supposedly political Islam) instead of Islam from where it sprang. History repeats itself with statism becoming more tyrannical than ever. Tommy’s quick landing into the hoosegow to fend for himself among the Muslim prison population is a gross miscarriage of justice.


The Soviets at least took the time to stage star trials, the present UK ruling elite has surpassed even the Marxists in treachery. The complete submissive behavior of the UK media towards the government regarding gag orders on certain trials tells us all just how far the UK media has become just a paper tiger, a shell of a former shell.


There is no independent media in the UK to speak of, none, when they march in lockstep with such draconian state measures. It’s a sad day and a fearful one, liberty was quashed without a whimper from the supposed vanguards of the press who just stood idly by because they dislike a certain person who regularly (and correctly called them out on the carpet for their shoddy, unprincipled pseudo journalism.


Shame on the lot of them.

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