Once again a ‘hudna’ being proposed between the Islamonazi Hamas and Israel…….


An Islamic ‘truce’ from an inferior position until a future time when the Islamic military force achieves parity or superiority, then the jihad continues…



The truce proposals come after weeks of clashes between Israel and Palestinians on the Gaza border.

BY MAARIV ONLINE MAY 24, 2018 08:39

Are Israel and Hamas moving towards a truce that will resolve the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip? According to a Channel 10 report broadcast Wednesday, there are currently two proposals on the table – from Egypt and Qatar.

Israel has reportedly demanded a complete cessation of rocket fire and tunnel building, in addition to respecting the security perimeter at the Gaza Strip border and a solution regarding the missing and held Israelis in Gaza.

In return, Israel will substantially reduce restrictions at Gaza’s border crossings, including permitting the entry of projects and goods to the Gaza Strip on the condition that they will not be used to boost its military. Egypt will also offer to weaken restrictions at its Rafah crossing with Gaza.

According to the report, Arab officials believe the truce is also of interest to moderate Arab states and that Cairo will take on responsibility for monitoring the implementation of the agreement.

Officials did, however, voice concern that the Palestinian Authority and its president Mahmoud Abbas will not support the arrangement as it consists of a deal between Israel and Hamas, thereby overlooking the role of the Palestinian Authority.


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