Islam in the Netherlands MUSLIM SETTLERS

Leftists & Islam 101’er party join forces in Rotterdam for upcoming municipal elections…….


The nexus of Leftists and Islam 101’ers will always present a clear and present danger to our societies…


Just think of Houellebecq’s 2015 dystopian novel Submission, set in France in the very near future and you’ll get the picture.


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Rotterdam: High treason or Submission?

“An air of submission of Michel Houellebecq”, title Marianne Journal March 16, 2018.


The municipal elections, in the Netherlands, present a case study which, far from being singular, initiates the new European landscape.


What air of submission is it?


Left parties in Rotterdam, the country’s second largest city, have made an alliance with the Muslim Nida party, which means “the call” in Arabic, for the elections on March 21st. In this city, 50% of the population is an immigrant.


We have the demonstration that in order to defeat the Right, the Left, which is essentially secular, is ready for ideological submission by allying itself with a religious party. The Nida party defines itself as liberal. But what is the meaning of liberal in Islam? The name of Nida, call, refers to prayer. This organization is built on mosques and primary schools Muslim. It is a strictly religious party. He defines himself as liberal because his ambition is to reunite the entire Muslim world of Rotterdam beyond the differences within Islam.


The program of the Dutch Left was modeled on that of Nida. Thus, it integrates support for Gaza and the establishment of Muslim holidays.


A little scandal came to undermine the marriage of reason between the Left and the secular Muslim party. The latter equates Daesh with Israel. Far from rejecting old messages, Nida refuses to erase these ads and persists. For these liberal Muslims, there is a total analogy between the terrorist state and Israel.


Incidentally, we can note that there are two possible interpretations of this analogy: either Israel is a terrorist state that kills Palestinian children and opens concentration camps, or Daesh is a perfectly legitimate state in the same way as Israel. We are not at a dishonesty near the Taqiyya country.


Nida has communicated even more insidiously by positioning herself falsely on values ​​foreign to Islam and lying for Israel as for Daesh:

The Left, the Socialist party in the lead, maintains its alliance with the Islamist party, despite this scandal.


It’s not just an air of submission. There is music and lyrics. Does this Left think to emerge dominant from this “circumstantial alliance”? She seems to believe that she can manipulate Muslim voters. The new and symptomatic element is that the Nida party refuses, under any pretext, to call into question the comparison that dates back several years between Daesh and Israel. Since it’s about tweets, just erase them. The Muslim principle of Taqiyya is to lie in a situation of inferiority. It is a defensive concealment and a hostile environment. The taqiyya disappears in the conquest phase. The doctors of Islam define the modus operandi of the development of Islam in a dominant position. It’s by the sword. Nida therefore maintains her position and does not bend under any pressure.


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