Dhimmitude Islam in the Netherlands Islamization

Dutch police engage in dawa for Islam, try to recruit non-Muslims for ‘Iftar dinner’…….


Amazingly stupid…


Cause and effect of Islamization, dunder-headed officials chomp at their dhimmi bit to do the bidding of their masters.


Police attempt to recruit non-Muslims to participate in Iftar

Dutch police in Apeldoorn attempt to recruit non-Muslims to participate in an Iftar meal which takes place during the Muslim month of Ramadan.  This led to criticism because it was considered a sign of lack of neutrality which is expected from the Police.


FM: BNFTN via Elsevierweekblad.nl

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  1. I have been watching with utter fascination as elements in Western culture try to accommodate Muslims. Anybody familiar with Islam and with an open mind will know, based on history and the fundamentals of the Koran, that Islam is immune to change because changing Islam would destroy its unique volatile and oppressive nature-it will no longer be Islam. Fourteen hundred years of history and experiments in Islam and other belief systems trying to coexist prove this point. So what gives?
    It is in my opinion, it is the left’s innate belief in the superiority of its vision. Western culture as a whole shares this world view of its superiority-the left as a subset, is blinded by this view. Simply put, if you treat people who are different from you with love and respect and understanding they will come around to the superior way of thinking. . And of course, this superior way is the Western way or more specifically the way of the new left. Hate to tell these people that there really are no good Nazis and when they start implementing their program you can’t throw flowers at them.

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