Austria: Afghan asylum seeker reportedly masturbates in public pool in front of small children…….



Austria: Asylum seeker masturbates in the public swimming pool of the town of Vöcklabruck — To make matters worse, he is also the father of six children

It was in the children’s pool, of all places, that an Afghan asylum seeker masturbated without embarrassment. Now the magazine “Wochenblick” found out:
The Afghan should have six children of his own! The 29-year-old Afghan masturbated unrestrainedly in the non-swimmer pool around 6:00 pm. At least 15 people, including small children, became involuntary witnesses of the disgusting incident, and a courageous witness immediately called the pool attendant to help. According to the police, he threw the asylum seeker straight out of the bathroom and banned him from bathing.

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