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Bosch Fawstin @ FPM: Tenured Jihadist Prof at Kent State Fired and Charged For Lying……


The lowering of academic standards can be seen in the type of ‘professors’ and lecturers hired, I would never send any of my kids to them.



Universities must pay a price for sheltering professors who support terrorism.

Julio Pino aka Assad Jibril Pino, had tenure at Kent State, and the university had No problem with him smearing America, shouting “Death to Israel”, calling Osama Bin Laden “the greatest”, nor even for his open support for terrorism. But now that the FBI has charged him for lying to them, as he told them that he didn’t know a Facebook friend of his by the name of “J.E.” who threatened to kill hundreds of people, the corrupt Kent State University has finally found a reason to part with him, if only to spare themselves trouble from the law. Here’s what Pino’s Facebook friend wrote about him:


“I f*****g love Julio Pino, even if he does eventually do something that most consider horrible, I’ll still love him because I know him in a deeper way than most of you even could.”


And not only did Pino refer to his students as “my little jihadists”, but he’s being investigated for recruiting for ISIS. Fortunately, at least some of his students have been willing to call him the “WORST professor I’ve ever had…pushes his personal views WAY too much. Stay away from him. Awful professor.”


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  1. This is GREAT news!! I live about 7 minutes away from Kent State’s campus and have heard and read things about Professor Pinhead for years, especially in David Horowitz’s excellent book, “The ProFesssors” (2006). His leftist and jihadist activism has been well known in this area for years. Glad to see he finally got the boot!!

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