Indonesia: 4 sword-wielding Islamonazi terrorists killed in Indonesia after ISIS attack…….


Ramadamadingdongdoo is the most dangerous time of the year




4 sword-wielding terrorists killed in Indonesia after ISIS attack

Four men wielding samurai swords were killed Wednesday by Indonesian cops after they staged an ISIS-inspired attack on a police station on Sumatra island, where an officer was killed, officials said.


The four swordsmen and their driver rammed a minivan into a gate at the Riau Police Headquarters in Pekanbaru to carry out the latest in a spate of militant attacks in the Muslim-majority country.


“When the car broke through into the Riau police headquarters, it was blocked by policemen,” police spokesman Setyo Wasisto told reporters.


“Then four of the men got out from the car and attacked police using long swords,” he added. Two officers suffered cuts during the rampage.


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