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Hamas claims vast majority of their dead belonged to terror group, told them to bring knife, dagger, or handgun…….


The media is evil, they’ve got blood on their hands for carrying water for evil Islamonazi scum, their propagandizing efforts of the public over the decades has breathed life into their dirty terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel…


The media’s ‘innocent, unarmed Palestinians’ narrative comes crashing down

Hamas claims the vast majority of the “martyrs” belonged to the terror group.

For the past few days, the legacy media has been repeatedly telling us that Israeli forces are brutalizing “unarmed,” nonmilitant Palestinian civilians who are simply exercising their right to protest.


It has become quite clear that many of the Palestinians are indeed armed with a plethora of weapons, including explosives such as grenades and Molotov cocktails and meat cleavers and other weapons with which to target Israeli communities located just outside the Gaza border.


In fact, organizers have been explicitly encouraging Palestinians to bring weapons to the border riots.


More here.

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