Buffoonery Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish police prevent asylum seeker from setting himself on fire at police station in south-western Finland…….


Attention seeking…


He must not have worked too hard to light himself before the cops wrestled the lighter from him.


Asylum seeker attempts self-immolation at Raisio police station

Police prevented a man from setting himself on fire at a police station in Raisio, south-western Finland on Tuesday morning.




The incident occurred Tuesday morning after the man, an asylum seeker, demanded that police provide him with immediate service. When he was told that his request was not something that could be immediately dealt with, he became agitated.


A police patrol on the scene talked with the man and convinced him to leave, but once in the entrance hall of the station he doused himself with fluid from a canister he was carrying in a backpack.


Police intervened before he could set himself alight.


The man was taken to hospital. As of mid-day, police had made no other information available about the incident.



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