Finland Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Closing statement this morning in trial of Turku Islamonazi murderer……..


Throw away the key, or just drop him from a cargo plane at 10 000 feet…


This is the pile of Islamo-crap who took to stabbing women in the streets of Turku Finland, the former capital of the country.


What kind of judgment is required of the Turku stabberer? IS follows moment to moment at 9 am

There are final statements today. The judgment will be given later.
Final statements in the court proceedings of the Turku mass murderer, by the prosecutor and defense will be heard. The court will reconvene for a verdict at the latest, on the 14th. Main suspect is remanded in Turku Prison.

The prosecutor demands life imprisonment for Abderrahman Bouanan for two killings for terrorist purposes and several murders. Defense disputes the terrorist purpose but admits murder and attempted murder.

In the final statements, the parties express their views on the evidence presented during the trial. In the statements, the parties take a stand on what the judgment should be. Judgment is not heard today.

IS will watch the session moment to moment in Turku Courts at 9 o’clock.

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