UK’s MI5 head: Islamic State planning ‘devastating’ attacks in Europe…….


Ya think?


MI5 head: Islamic State planning ‘devastating’ attacks in Europe

Andrew Parker to warn European security chiefs of ‘more complex attacks’ from terror group, threats from Russia


The Islamic State terror group is planning “direct devastating and more complex attacks,” the head of the British secret service is set to announce on Monday.


MI5 chief Andrew Parker will warn of twin threats from Islamic State and Russia, in a landmark speech to European security chiefs in Berlin, where he will also stress the importance of post-Brexit security ties.


Parker, who has a 35-year career in intelligence, will say that although Islamic State has been defeated from major areas of Syria and Iraq, it is still planning future attacks in Europe, where there have been 45 such attacks since 2016, the Guardian newspaper reported.


Parker will thank European security agencies for their support in the investigation following the Manchester bombing that claimed 22 lives nearly a year ago. He will also disclose that MI5 and police have thwarted 12 plots since the Westminster terror attack of March 2017 which claimed five lives.


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  1. Of course they are! Like a truant child, unwilling to learn in class, much happier to achieve notice by fighting, intransigence, disturbing others by any means whatsoever, regardless of the general meaningless toothless forms of punishment received, if any.

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