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Netherlands: Last year 15.5 percent of passengers reported facing violence/aggression, compared to 13.5 percent in 2016…….


Cause and effect…




Schiphol Airport station in Amsterdam


An increasing number of people who use public transit in the Netherlands are faced with violence like threats, assault, intimidation or robbery, according to a survey by CROW among 87 thousand public transit passengers, the Telegraaf reports.


In 2017 the number of such incidents on public transport increased slightly for the first time in five years. Last year 15.5 percent of passengers reported facing violence or aggression, compared to 13.5 percent in 2016. CROW could not give a definite explanation for the increase.


The researchers also found that the most violent incidents happen on trams or subways. The least number of incidents happened on ferries.


H/T: BNFTN via NLTimes

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