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Bruce Bawer: ”Catholic-bashing Catholic whitewashes Qur’an……..”


These are the kinds of treacherous buffoons that angers me the most…



A Church-bashing Catholic whitewashes the Qur’an.


This Islam book is a dramatic departure for Wills. Deeply learned about Christian scripture, theology, and history, and fluent in Greek and Latin, Wills identifies as a devout but highly critical Catholic. Indeed, the whole thrust of his best-known books about the Church has been to lambaste it – to give the papacy, the Vatican, and the whole worldwide ecclesia a series of kicks in the cassock. OK, fine – he’s the Catholic, I’m not. But it seems curious that while the principal goal of his writings about his own Church is to find fault at every turn, the point of his primer on the Qur’an (which I usually write as Koran, though this time around, for consistency’s sake, I’ll go with his spelling) is to whitewash. Consistently. Shamelessly.


By the end of the first page of What the Qur’an Meant, he’s made his position clear: Islamic terrorists “have departed from the book they say they believe in.” At the same time, critics of Islam “tell us blatant lies” about that same book. And what’s amazing is – get this! – the terrorists’ take on the Qur’an is identical to that of Islam’s critics! Incredible, no? You or I might view the Qur’an as having inspired countless acts of violence over the centuries; but Wills corrects that misapprehension, explaining that the Qur’an itself is the real victim – a subject of endless misinterpretation by both terrorists and Islamophobes.


For Wills, the bad guys are the “78 percent of Trump supporters” who told pollsters in 2016 “that Islam was more likely than other religions to encourage terrorist acts.” Wills contrasts these bigoted yahoos with the “93 percent of Muslims” who, according to Gallup, “opposed the 9/11 attacks.” Wills waves these numbers at us as if they prove something positive about Islam and negative about its critics. Excuse me, but if 93 percent of Muslims claim to have disapproved of the 9/11 attacks, that means seven percent openly approved, right? And if seven percent were willing to tell a pollster that they supported those acts, how many more felt the same way but wouldn’t own up to it? And if upwards of seven percent of Muslims did indeed give 9/11 a thumbs-up, what does that say about those Trump supporters who consider Islam “more likely than other religions to engage in terrorist acts”? Does Wills believe, or expect us to believe, that anything close to seven percent of Christians or Jews support terrorism in the name of their religion? (Other polls, by the way, have shown considerably higher levels of Muslim support for terrorism.) Wills actually states that there’s a “mountain of evidence that the religion of Islam favors peace over violence.” One question: if Islam is really peaceful, and jihadist terror is a result of a mass misunderstanding of the Qur’an, how come the planet isn’t overrun with Hindu terrorists who’ve misread the Vedas, or Buddhist terrorists who’ve incorrectly interpreted the Tripitaka?


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