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Daniel Greenfield: American Muslims accused of ‘Islamophobia’…….


They know that there is the ‘Muslim mentality’….



30% of Muslims believe that Muslims are “more prone to negative behavior.”

Muslims have a serious Islamophobia problem.


That’s the claim being made by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding which found that 30% of Muslims believe that Muslims are “more prone to negative behavior.”


That’s far higher than Jews at 13%, Catholics at 12% and Protestants at 11%.


18% of Muslims, the poll found, believe that Muslims are “more prone to violence”. Only 15% of Jews, 12% of Catholics and 13% of Protestants believe that about Muslims. The only group more likely to believe that Muslims more violent than Muslims are white evangelicals at 23%.


Dalia Mogahed, ISPU’s director of research, blames this on “internalized Islamophobia.” According to her, “Muslims have themselves internalized negative stereotypes about their own community” based on the media. Even though the media covers Muslims far more positively than any other religious group.


Mogahed was picked by Obama for his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. She’s collaborated with Muslim Brotherhood front groups and has been accused of mainstreaming them.


And her claim of internalized Islamophobia makes no sense.


more here.

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