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Finland: ‘New-Ålanders’ (Muslim settlers) systematically persecuting local young girls…….


(Ahvenanmaa in Finnish) Åland is Finland’s autonomous Swedish speaking island archipelago that lies between Finland and Sweden…



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‘New-Ålanders’ systematically persecuting local youths


There has long been a systematic persecution of local school girls by third world migrants in Åland. Åland’s news has been writing since at least from the beginning of the year. For at least two years, the ‘New-Åland’ gang members have disrupted local youth.


Ålands Nyheter has been on a number of occasions discussing drug abuse among juvenile offenders who travels in and out of Åland schools. Young people tell about assaults, persecution and threats. The 15-year-old girl interviewed by the magazine was mistreated by the gang and the violence was broadcast live at Facetime at the same time.


After the assault, two ‘New-Ålanders’ returned to the high school of Kirkonkylä, which the girl went to and tormented her. In addition, the ‘New-Ålanders’ have taken photos of the girl and spread them on social media. The girl is also called “äckliga jävla hora”, a fucking stupid whore.


The girl tells the Ålands nyheter:


– The school can not do anything about it. I have taken pictures of bruising and made a police report, but the Åland police are not interested in the matter, because the perps are minors.


According to the girl, at least one of the perps does not attend school and has been given a ban on entering the Åland schools, but the boy continues to persecute the girl outside the school.


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  1. There exists no precedent in human history for what is happening in Europe.
    It is like a mass castration of the indigenous male population into defenseless eunuchs.
    The political leadership is all childless women, or girly-men.
    How far will this go? Mass suicide?

  2. UNIFY the Finns against the moslem invaders, and destroy them.

  3. If this was my daughter….. these scumbags might disappear. It’s an island, people have boats. It’s hard to swim with broken arms and legs.

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