Islam in the Netherlands Islamic anti-Semitism

Amsterdam: Aftger Islamonazi attack, kosher restaurant may close if no permanent security guaranteed…….


This is how they (Islamonazis) do it, one piece of turf at a time…


Amsterdam: kosher restaurant may close if no permanent security guaranteed


Sami Bar-On, owner of the kosher restaurant Hacarmel in Amsterdam said that he may close his business if he does not receive permanent security measures.  In the space of a few months, the restaurant has been vandalized three times.


Only then, was Amsterdam Mayor, Jozas van Aartsen willing to take temporary security measures for Bar-On’s place of business, which included the installation of security cameras.


It has only now become known that the municipality knew well before the first attack by Syrian Palestinian, Saleh A. that he is a radicalizing Muslim.



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  1. Etnic cleansing of the Jews in The Netherlands sponsored by the gouverment.

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