Melanie Phillips: If parliament keeps UK in the EU by stealth back door, people’s faith in parliament will be shattered forever…….


Legislative tyranny…


‘Faith in Parliament SHATTERED forever!’ Anti-Brexit MPs issued with STERN warning

ANTI-BREXIT MPs was warned that attempts to replicate the current customs arrangement with the European Union could “shatter” the faith British voters have towards the institution.

Columnist Melanie Phillips warned MPs their credibility could be put into question should they force Britain to remain in a customs union after .


A powerful cross-party coalition last week approved a non-binding motion calling on the Government to include the option of establishing “an effective customs union” between the UK and , without a vote.


But Ms Phillips tore into the decision, suggesting forming a new customs arrangement similar to the one currently in place could keep Britain in the European Union “by stealth”.


Speaking to BBC Sunday Politics, she said: “Either you are in the EU or you are not in the EU.


“The customs union is a way of keeping us in the EU by stealth and all those voters, all those millions of British voters, who voted for exiting the European Union will be looking on this with horror because they perceive this as a way of keeping us in the EU by stealth through the customs union fudge. It’s not a fudge.”


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