Islamic anti-Semitism

Cape Town imam calls for Muslims worldwide to support the jihad-genocide of Jews in Israel…….


Of course he did, Mohamed’s jihad against the Jews has never been rescinded, in fact, it’s been underlined throughout the post-hijra period…


This is reason as to why the West, if it’s really serious about their commitment to ”Never Again”, meaning another genocide of the Jews, should not be importing Islamic/Muslim Jew haters into their countries. This isn’t rocket science.


Cape Town imam calls on all Muslims, free people worldwide to support jihad in ‘Palestine’


In a Friday sermon delivered at the Masjid Al Furqaan in Cape Town, South Africa, Sheikh Riyaad Fataar said that the Al-Aqsa Mosque was “slipping from the hands of the Islamic nation… because the plans of the Jews are moving [ahead].”


Quoting Saladin and saying that Muslims “are staying in Jihad in order to get rid of the Zionist occupier,” Sheikh Fataar, who is the Deputy President of the Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa and the imam of the Husami Masjid in Cravenby, a suburb of Cape Town, called upon all Muslims in the world to support them and “show your help in whatever different ways there are.”


“All other free people of the world are called: If you think that holy sites are important in your religion… you should be standing with them,” said Sheikh Fataar, a graduate of Al-Azhar, who serves as the lifetime president of the South African Students’ Association in Egypt.


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