Dhimmitude Islam in Germany

Germany: ‘Marx’ the cardinal rejects own religious symbols over worries that others (Muslims) will be offended…….


Complete sell out, defrock the jerk…


How fitting that his last name is ‘Marx’.


German Cardinal Slams Move to Put Crosses in Government Buildings

A German Roman Catholic cardinal has slammed the Bavarian conservatives’ plan to put crucifixes in government buildings saying the plan will cause “agitation” and “division”.


Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who heads the German Bishops’ Conference, complained that Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soeder had not come to him before announcing the move last month. The German Bishops’ Conference also released a warning statement which said that the German state is secular in nature and must remain that way, Il Giornale reports.


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  1. One question please. For how many generations have Germans been forced into marrying 1st cousins? I used to think German students were very well educated when traveling there in the ‘60’s. Now it seems their intelligence Bell Curve has inverted!
    This cannot be by accident!

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