Farage barrage: ”Belgium is a non-nation”…….


Exactly, if you have ever read Paul Belien’s book, ‘A Throne in Brussels‘, as I’ve had (received a signed copy from the author himself), you’ll know exactly what the EU project is all about. 


The EU is based upon the Belgian model, meaning no allegiance to the country, the flag, its anthem or to other ethnic groups within the false construct. It’s a still born ‘nation state’ without a singular identity, a Yugoslavia of sorts with no central idea (based upon Enlightenment philosophy) binding it together. This is what the EU wants within every member state in their union, it’s Hegelian in nature, a rejection of traditions, customs and historical perspective and human experience in place of subservience to the centralized state. The monarchy loved Hegel and he them.


WATCH: Farage Causes Ruckus in EuroParl After Calling Belgium a ‘Non-Nation’



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