UK universtities minister reigns in radical Leftist students violating free speech on campus, shut-down won’t be tolerated…….


About time, as well as in the US…


Victory for free speech: Minister BANS ‘chilling’ student trend of censoring controversial speakers in first intervention of its kind for 30 years


Sam Gyimah, UK universities minister, announced tough new guidance which will see institutions disciplined if they allow valid debates to be shut down. He vowed to stamp out the ‘chilling’ trend of speakers being blocked from campuses simply because there is institutional hostility to unfashionable views.


The new guidance will state that all speech must be welcome at universities, as long as it does not violate existing laws – for example, on encouraging terrorism. Victims include Germaine Greer, Peter Tachell, and Jacob Rees-Mogg – who scuffled with left-wing protesters in Bristol in February (right) – with feminists, Tory politicians, gay rights activists, and even race campaigners targeted.


More here.

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