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Gates Of Vienna: The Migration of Bitchute, Vlad Tepes suspended from Youtube for two weeks…….

I’m reposting this piece in its entirety…

The Migration to BitChute


As most of you know, Vlad’s entire YouTube channel was recently sent to YouTube jail with a two-week sentence. And he’s not the only “extreme right” channel owner to be hit with Google’s latest repressive measures. As a result, a number of people are making the move to BitChute, which (so far) does not pull videos for political reasons, or copyright violations, or any other reason that I know of.


Below is Vlad’s account of how BitChute works, and how users can help it work more smoothly and efficiently. I’m one of the low-bandwidth users that Vlad talks about — I have to use a tin can and a piece of string to connect to the Internet — so I can’t take part in the torrenting project that he describes. But it’s an interesting and useful way to get around the increasing level of Internet censorship by the Big Guys.



BitChute Videos

From Vlad Tepes


As some of you have noticed, YouTube have disallowed us from uploading to our channel on that company’s servers for a couple of weeks, and under questionable grounds, as the same video that caused the objection was copied by many MSM sources and uploaded to theirs without consequence.


So we have turned to where the last 8 months worth of our videos are archived already,


BitChute is much more than a different server; it is a different technology altogether.


It uses the old, but excellent, concept of ‘bit torrenting’. Many of you here understand this better than I do, so please feel free to offer links or your own explanations in the comments. I would like to know more myself actually. Also please correct any errors I may make in my own form of explanation by analogy.


The idea is, 10 people want to have a copy of the NYC phone book. Each person gets a cover, and one person has the book. That person copies page 1, and sends it to one person, who copies it and sends it to a few others, and the whole thing is done so that each person does the least possible amount of copying and sending as is mathematically possible given the number of people who want it and the number of people who have it.


People who want it and do not send out parts themselves, I believe are called, “leachers” and those who are sharing it and have a substantial portion of it are called “peers”.


This can end up being VERY fast and often is better than streaming to people with poor connections. But this depends on the number of people sending.


How can individuals help?


BitChute appears to work like YouTube, but it doesn’t, really. It depends on us to share the videos ourselves. The consequence is, people who live in rural areas and have poor internet find that they can sometimes have a difficult experience with BitChute videos.


Someone I work closely with on a lot of projects all the time is in this situation. He has found that recently it works better than it used to because more people are watching the videos at once.


This is of course the opposite of YouTube, where the more people who watch a video the more demand on their resources. With BitChute, the more who are watching it, the more sources there are.


So all of us can help in a few ways. Some browsers are more friendly with BitChute than others. At the moment I am liking Brave. And the reason is that you can click the little magnet at the bottom right of any video, if you are watching it at the BitChute page, and it will open a tab asking if you want to torrent it. This makes you part of the solution, and makes it easier for others to see it. The cost to you if you have a broadband connection with high or unlimited internet, is zero.



Many people have written me to ask how to send a link out for the video to others directly.


This turns out to be easier than I thought. If you click on the top left of the video where it says “BitChute” it will actually take you through to the video page where that video is and will continue streaming from that point exactly like clicking on the words, “YouTube” on an embedded video and it brings you to that video on YT. You can then grab the video URL from the browser address bar as you would any other link.



Please let me know if there are other issues or questions and I will try and address them. I will also edit or change this document for accuracy as information becomes available to me. At some point I may add it to the sidebar so its always available to people to understand how this works.


The interesting thing to me is, we can all actually help this cause now without any cost to ourselves at all, and not even a noticeable effect on our bandwidth, by clicking the magnet on a video we may feel others need to see, and either letting it start your Torrent client, or if you are using Brave Browser, just letting it open a tab to let you download and seed the video.


How can I download the video normally?


The brilliant program Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate seems to allow you to download from BitChute.


How can I embed a BitChute video on my own WordPress site?


Copy the code below and keep it in a simple word editor. Not one that will change anything, but as simple as possible, like Text Edit on a Mac.


<div class=”videoWrapper”><iframe src=”//” width=”950″ height=”545″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></div>


After the word “embed” you see a / and a series of numbers and letters and another /. Replace those numbers and letters with the identifier in the URL of any BitChute video you want to embed. For example the address for the Jordan Peterson video is:




Grab the number string at the end: E2OLDfEn8SCL, and replace the string in the embed code above with it. You must of course put the embed code into your WP site using the HTML setting, not the visual setting the way you would with a YouTube link.

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