Carl Bildt Iran WMD's

Former Swedish PM Carl Bildt blames Netanyahu for ”trying to derail Iran nuclear deal’, says ‘no smoking gun’…….


Bildt is an idiot…


Do you realize what Israel just did? I hear all sorts of idiots, for one, blathering about how Israel didn’t prove Iran has cheated since 2015. In the chain below are a few things that just happened.

  1. Israel proved that Iran lied about everything to everyone from 1999 until the archive ends in 2015.2.
  2. Israel showed it has access to everything it wants. Tomorrow it can bring Khameni’s dentures.



Swedish moonbat (former) PM/FM Bildt blathers on in his usual witless way:



The ‘Smoking Gun’ is the fact that Iran has been lying to the IAEA and the rest of the international community about its original intentions. Israel has exposed their lies in full. Only a hardened ideologue (Like Bildt’s mindset) could conclude that there’s ‘no there there’.


The buffoonish deal Obama brokered rests entirely upon Iran’s veracity as an honest broker, that they haven’t any secretive sites where WMD nuke research and engineering are going on.


This proves that they can’t be trusted one iota. This proves that letting them spin their centrifuges (none are needed for peaceful nuclear use), letting them monitor themselves, and whatever sites that the IAEA can monitor needs a way in advance heads-up approval has been a fool’s errand.


Letting the Islamonazi regime in Tehran escape economics sanctions just when they were beginning to bite, and fill their coffers with a 150 billion in released oil funds, plus revenue from future oil sales that will go towards their military build up and proxy terror wars, is an unmitigated disaster.

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