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Uganda: Police discover Islamo-beachhead ‘radicalization center’……..


In other words, a mosque dedicated to Mohamed’s post-hijra teachings…


Ugandan police stumble on mosque ‘radicalization center’

Police made the discovery after a suspect they were following bolted into the mosque, apparently seeking safe haven. Two suspects were killed during a shootout, after which police discovered dozens of hostages.


Several school girls after their being freed from their Boko Haram captors in March.


Ugandan police stumbled onto a “radicalization center” at a mosque in the capital, shooting dead two suspects, arresting dozens more and freeing more than 100 women and children being held against their will, officials announced Saturday.


The confrontation occurred Friday as police were pursuing a suspect thought to have been involved in a high-profile kidnapping and murder earlier in the year. Police followed the man into the Usafi Mosque in Kampala and discovered it was a den for militants.


Two of the alleged militants were shot dead during the ensuing shootout, and one police officer was wounded.


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