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Pamela Geller: The Fall of France: “In the name of Allah I will rape all your children”…….


A good buddy of mine left France due to the rise of Muslim (Islamic inspired) Jew hatred, he was right to get out of dodge some 6-7 years ago, and he hasn’t looked back.


The Fall of France: “In the name of Allah I will rape all your children”


Jihad, Islamic supremacism  is roiling France — destroying it, subsuming it. But such matters are not discussed by the elite leftist destroyers.

The enemedia systematically hide the ethnicity of criminals and the their acts (see here).


Just this week in France:

27/04: (71) Mohamed.X :’Au nom d’Allah/Daech je vais violer tous vos enfants…’ (source)
27/04: (91) Plan banlieue: un journaliste d’Europe 1 détroussé à la Grande Borne (source)
26/04: (37) Trois passeurs Irakiens condamnés par le tribunal: 10.000 euros/trajet (source)
26/04: (75) Migrants à Paris XIXe: tensions, bagarres, saleté, les riverains en colère (source)
26/04: (81) Un Musulman dégrad

Mohamed X on trial for terrorism: “I piss on the police, on the cops like you,” “in the name of Allah I will rape all your children,” “in the name of the Islamic State, as soon as I go out I make myself happy,” “by Allah I am going to to please, France shit, “I will not leave alone, I’m not afraid to die like a jihadist.”


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