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Giulio Meotti: It may be too late to defeat French Islamic anti-Semitism……..


Statist (socialist Lefty/Righty) Jew haters have their latent antisemitism supercharged with the latest new comers, Muslim settlers… 


It may be too late to defeat French Islamic anti-Semitism

The old anti-Semitism of the extreme Right joined the anti-Semitism of the radical Left, which has found anti-Zionism as the alibi for transforming the executioners of Jews to victims in society.

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Giulio Meotti, 27/04/18 16:02 | updated: 23:48


“Anti-Semitism is not the business of the Jews. It’s the business of all of us. The French, who have demonstrated their democratic maturity after each Islamist attack, are living through a tragic paradox. Their country has become the arena for murderous anti-Semitism”.


This is the beginning of the toughest and most important position taken so far by the French public opinion against the “new anti-Semitism”. The appeal, published in Le Parisien and signed by 250 public figures, comes after the last murder with an anti-Semitic background, the one in which Mireille Knoll was stabbed to death:


“When a Prime Minister at the National Assembly declares, to the applause of the whole country, that France without the Jews is no longer France, it is not a phrase of consolation but a solemn warning: our European history, in particularly the French one, for geographic, religious, philosophical and juridical reasons, is deeply linked to various cultures among which Jewish thought is decisive. In recent times, 11 Jews have been killed in France by radical Islamists because they were Jewish”.


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