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Fake EU pres Jean-Claude Juncker celebrates Karl Marx’s 200th anniversary…….



Getting out of the Hegel centric EU should be every sane person’s top priority…


An ideology that in various forms that has killed over +150 million people over the past century, led to desolation and destruction of one state after the other that embraced his socialism, needs to be sidelined once and for all and its adherents marginalized. US Democrats, Hillary and her bulbous nosed husband are all in lockstep with the statism (the centralization of concentrated power) of the Euro-Marxists.


EU FURY: ‘Appalling’ Juncker snubs millions as he celebrates Karl Marx’s 200th anniversary

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER is set to pay tribute to Karl Marx at a celebration of the father of Communism’s 200th anniversary in Germany, leading to accusations he has forgotten about the many millions of victims of his ideology.


The European Commission President will travel to Trier, Germany, where he will give a speech to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth.


Mr Juncker has invited to the celebration because he is an honourary citizen of the small German town, which is also the birthplace of the German philosopher who was one of Marxism’s founding fathers.


The Commission President will give a speech at the opening ceremony of the Karl Marx exhibition in the city.


Mr Juncker will appear alongside Malu Dreyer, the minister-president of Rhineland-Palatinate, who extended the invitation to him.


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