Fighting Back Whining Muslim

UK: Muslim model ‘shocked’ clothes outlet drops her due to her Islamic supremacist symbol (hijab)…….


It’s their right to determine what image is fitting for their store, supremacist garb is not something most people want to be seeing or associated with…


Muslim model Mariah Idrissi reveals her shock at being DROPPED from a beauty campaign – ‘just because she wears a hijab’


NEW Model Mariah Idrissi, 25, from London, (pictured left and right) explained how she had lost the job because one of the outlets involved in the campaign thought she would ‘limit the audience because she’s a Muslim’.


She added that she was ‘shocked’ the outlet refused to take her on board ‘on the basis that I wore a hijab’, rather than her modelling abilities. The model was the first hijab-wearing woman to star in an H&M campaign back in 2015.


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  1. I’ve no problem with this. Real religious symbols, such as crucifixes, are frowned upon, but people of Christian faith, while it may upset them not to be allowed to wear such icons, either cover them up or leave them off, but muslims, even though the hijab is not strictly a mark of a faith, but more a mark of proving that one can override any laws to the contrary, causes more furore and objections and lawsuits worldwide than any other. Basically, they want to prove that they are above the law of the land – any land, and cannot be told what to do. They need to learn; and the only way to teach them is to insist that while they are in Rome, they obey the laws of that country and do just as the Romans do. Or leave, which would be more acceptable.

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