ADL Dhimmitude Islamic anti-Semitism Jews and the Left

Daniel Greenfield: For the ADL exposing Muslim antisemitism is Islamophobic…….


Leftist morons…


The ADL’s only dim light worth peering at is its Islamic ME Jew hate map, (they’ve clearly low-balled to be at 74%) which shows antisemitism to be the norm in the region of the world, with over 200 million Muslims holding (Islamic texts inspired) anti-Jewish views.



The ADL won’t fight campus anti-Semitism. And it won’t allow anyone else to fight it either.


Canary Mission stepped into that gap by assembling screenshots of social media anti-Semitism by SJP and MSA members. The ADL links to a JTA hosted editorial signed by a number of Hillels and campus pro-Israel groups. It appears to be authored by two University of Michigan students who, despite sneering at Canary Mission for being anonymous, added their email addresses instead of their names.


The letter accuses Canary Mission of promoting a negative image of Muslims by documenting Islamic anti-Semitism on campus.




Pointing out Muslim anti-Semitism is now… Islamophobic. (But then isn’t accusing a Jewish organization of Islamophobia, anti-Semitic? It’s funny how it only works one way. The way that benefits the left and hurts its victims.)


When Canary Mission spotlights non-Muslim anti-Semites, is that okay? Or is it some other kind of racism or bigotry?


“Canary Mission is an anonymous site that blacklists individuals and professors across the country for their support of the BDS movement, presumed anti-Semitic remarks and hateful rhetoric against Israel and the United States,” the letter claims.


Is praising Hitler and calling for another Holocaust really “presumed” anti-Semitism?


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