Fighting Back Islam in Denmark Niqabs and Burqas

Denmark: Sharia supremacist says she’ll forgo her supremacist garb to avoid problems……..


It’s quite simple, No shirt, No shoes, wearing a veil, NO SERVICE…


Banning veils is just too little too late, the best scenario were to be shop owners, stores and public buildings refusing entrance to anyone wearing the garb, making it very difficult for sharia supremacists to have a ‘safe space’ in normal society. Then they’ll leave for Islamonazi shores.


‘Because I have children and I don’t want to get into problems, I will remove my veil’

'Because I have children and I don’t want to get into problems, I will remove my veil'
A woman from the Kvinder i Dialog group speaks at Aarhus’ Dokk1 library on April 22nd. Photo: Farah Bahgat
A group of women in Aarhus say they aim to challenge preconceived views about Islamic dress, currently high on Denmark’s news agenda, by initiating dialogue.

In a conference room in Dokk1, Aarhus’ flagship public library, dozens of women in niqab on Sunday gathered to speak about and against a proposed law which is likely to ban their attire.


The Danish parliament is currently discussing a proposed law to ban public wearing of face-covering garments, such as the Islamic burqa and niqab.


The group Kvinder i Dialog (Women in Dialogue) welcomed attendees with information brochures about Islamic teachings, and a clothes rack with a few niqab dresses, under a sign that read “try a niqab”.


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