Gerard Perry (Gulagged For Being Too Real) shadow banned at Twitter…….


The totalitarian mindset of the social media gatekeepers… 


These people are way beyond the pale, and have proven themselves to care not a whit about safeguarding diverse opinion and debate. Shadow banning is the worst of the worst, it’s insidious.


Thread by @OddLane: “Okay, I’m going to clarify some things about my shadow ban. First of all, I’ve been getting a lot of responses along the lines of, “but I se […]”

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Okay, I’m going to clarify some things about my shadow ban. First of all, I’ve been getting a lot of responses along the lines of, “but I see your tweets, Gerard.” Or, “I can see your replies to my tweets,” Gerard. Thank you for alerting me. I’m aware that some people…


…are able to see my tweets, as well as my replies to their tweets. These are a handful of my followers and/or people I reply to on Twitter. Over 1,900 people follow me-although that number is declining daily. Out of that number, perhaps a few dozen-at most are able…


…to view my tweets without going directly to my Twitter page and interact with me in a normal fashion. Almost everyone else I have to communicate with via DM, otherwise they don’t know that I’m still here. Hence, the “shadow” ban. I reflect a shadow of my former Twitter…


…footprint. In other words, 90% of my tweets are being filtered-and screened out-by Twitter. A slightly smaller percentage of my retweets are being filtered.


Why is this important? In the grand scheme of things, it’s not very important, and I realize that. However, in the broader discussion of what voices are heard on the Internet-which is our primary means of communicating with one another-it is extremely important.

Another objection I’ve heard among people who will grudgingly admit that I’ve been shadow banned is the assertion that it’s really not that important. For the record, I’m not harping on this point simply because my use of this website has been circumscribed.

If this were just a case of @jack coming to the conclusion that I’m a jerk-although I take issue with that assumption-then I would just throw my hands up and resign myself to this fate. But that’s not what is happening.

Twitter is essentially cordoning off an entire spectrum of opinion, which includes everything from opposition to mass immigration, to trenchant criticism of Islam, to reluctance to endorse abortion on demand, to simply being anti-war, and turning this website into…

…a hug box for bien pensant, officially sanctioned right think. I’m not so narcissistic to believe that my opinion must be heard, but the idea that only socially and politically hygienic opinions should be is absolutely terrifying.

You ask, “but Gerard, where’s your proof?” This is the devilishly clever aspect of shadow banning. You can never find definitive, smoking gun proof, but I’ve come as close as possible.

Exhibit A is the users-some who follow me and are friends and some randos who despise my opinions-who either intentionally or unwittingly admit that I’ve been shadow banned.


More here.

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