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Finland: Helsingin Sanomat whitewashes Islamonazi Jew hatred in article on antisemitism in Germany, blames 90% incidents on ”far-right”…….


The HS is a fraud paper.

The overwhelming instances of Jew hatred come from the Islamonazi element that they’ve let in to replace the millions of Jews that they’ve murdered during WWII. The Helsingin Sanomat is being highly intellectually dishonest. While knuckle-dragging Neo-Nazis always will present a challenge to the Jewish communities there, they’re highly (and correctly) marginalized, the same can’t be said of the various Muslim communities.


I keep posting the ADL’s comprehensive anti-Semitism map on the Middle East because it’s highly representative of the mindset there, steeped in Koranic/Islamic textual Jew hatred. The HS, while giving lip service to Muslim Jew hatred, nonetheless falsely presents the entire antisemitic dynamic in Germany as basically the sole product of a highly marginalized, minuscule group. The enormous Muslim community, rife with Jew hatred dripping from their religious texts and sermons, get a free pass due to either gross ignorance, or political expediency.



Germany worried about the anti-Semitism of Muslim immigrants – rewarded hip hop duet with a concentration camp lyrics raised a storm

Anti-Semitic attacks on immigrants and the bullying of Jewish children at school have sparked a lively debate in Germany. The vague information on German history and Jewish persecution is being challenged by people emigrating from Muslim countries to Germany.


IN GERMANY , two debates on anti-Semitism are being discussed, Chernivsky recalls. There is  the Islamic debate and debate about German anti-Semitism.
When you look at statistics on anti-Semitic crimes and incidents, the biggest problem in Germany is the German neo-Nazi and the anti-Semitism of the far right instead of Muslim immigrants. Last year there were 1 453 anti-Semitic acts or invasions. Of these 1 377 cases, the suspect was an extreme right-wing.
“Attitudes can see a split in East and West Germany,” Chernivsky says. “The target group in Saxony or Thuringia’s projects are not Muslims, but Germans. Stripping German anti-Semitism is different from immigrant backgrounds. “




H/T: Tiina Wiik (Swan of Tuonela) : “Leaves out that German police automatically label antisemitic crimes as “far-right” if the assailant is unknown.”

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