Helsingin Sanomat editorial insists 79% negative decisions for Muslim settlers was due to politics……


No, it’s due to the stark reality of Muslim grifters trying to use the Finnish taxpayer as ATM’s….


Asylum policy clarifications

HS carries an editorial on asylum policy in Finland, arguing that political leadership needs to take responsibility for the change in the line taken by immigration authorities on asylum applications. In early 2015, before the bulk of around 32,000 asylum seekers arrived later that summer, about 86 percent of all asylum claims received a positive decision.


Two years later some 79 percent of decisions are negative. That shift isn’t explained by a change in the profile of the applicants, according to HS–it’s down to political decisions and direction.


Citing an Yle report of an asylum seeker being killed after he was deported to Baghdad, the paper urges the government to clarify its asylum line and strengthen the right to protection under international law.

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